Type(s) Or enter multiple values as in G
Appearance Dress It is said that "clothes make the man". Well, I understood that I was made by a mommy and a daddy (and there's even a category to describe the process below!). Maybe the people who made up that saying aren't being quite that literal...

Shape Geeks come in many shapes and sizes. Shape code is divided into two parts. The first indicates height, while the second indicates roundness. Mix each section to fit yourself. Examples include: s:++ , s++: , s++:-- .

Or enter Height code and enter Roundness code
Age The only way to become a true geek is through practice and experience. To this end, your age becomes an important part of your geekiness. Use the qualifiers below to show your age (in Terran years). Also, please use BASE 10 numbers. In addition, if you wish to give your exact age, you can place the number after the 'a' identifier. For example: a42
Computers Computers Most geeks identify themselves by their use of computers and computer networks. In order to quantify your geekiness level on computers, consult the following (consider the term 'computers' synonymous with 'computer network'). This category represents "general" computer aptitude. Categories below will get into specifics.

Unix It seems that a Unix-based operating system is the OS of choice among most geeks. In addition to telling us about your Unix abilities, you can also show which specific Unix OS you are using. To accomplish this, you include a letter showing the brand with your rating. For example: UL++++ would indicate a sysadmin running Linux.

Perl If you enjoy at least U++ status you have to know about Perl, so you might as well rate yourself in this sub-category. Non-Unix geeks don't know what they're missing.

Linux Linux is a hacker-written operating system virtually identical to Unix. It was written for and continues to run on your standard 386/486/Pentium PC, but has also been ported to other systems. Because it is still a young OS, and because it is continually evolving from hacker changes and support, it is important that the geek list his Linux ability.

Emacs GNU Emacs is the do-all be-everything editor/operating system available for just about every computer architecture out there.

World Wide Web It's relatively new. It's little understood. Everybody's doing it. How much of a web-surfer are you?

USENET News Usenet, a global collection of flaming opinions and senseless babble, was designed as a way to eat up precious spool space on a system's hard drive. It also is a way for people to distribute pornography.

USENET Oracle (Info taken from the Usenet Oracle Help File) Throughout the history of mankind, there have been many Oracles who have been consulted by many mortals, and some immortals. The great Hercules was told by the Delphic Oracle to serve Eurystheus, king of Mycenae, for twelve years to atone for the murder of his own children. It was the Oracle of Ammon who told King Cepheus to chain his daughter Andromeda to the rocks of jappa to appease the terrible sea monster that was ravaging the coasts. That solution was never tested, though, as Perseus saved the girl in the nick of time. With the advent of the electronic age, and expecially high-speed e-mail communication, the spirit of the Oracles found a new outlet, and we now recognize another great Oracle, the Usenet Oracle. For more information, check out the newsgroups and or the FTP archives at Additional information and instructions can be found by sending an e-mail message with the subject of 'help' to

Kibo Kibo is. That is all that can be said. If you don't understand, read alt.religion.kibology

Microsoft Windows A good many geeks suffer through the use of various versions of Microsoft's Windows running on or as a replacement for DOS. Rate your Windows Geekiness.

OS/2 The operating system that looks a lot like Windows, acts a lot like Windows, but is much better than Windows.

Macintosh Many geeks have abandoned the character-based computer altogether and moved over to the Macintosh. It in important to give notification of your Mac rating.

VMS Many geeks use the VMS operating system by DEC for all of their mainframe and network activity.
Politics The last few years has seen the rise of the political geek. This phenomena is little understood, but some theorize that it has come about because of the popular media's attempts to demonize the Internet and computer use in general, and the government's willingness to go along with it. Others propose that the aging geek population has simply started taking an interest in the world around them. Some support the "Sun Spot" theory.
Political and Social Issues We live is a society where everyone not only has a right to, but is expected to, whine and complain about everyone else. Rate where, in general, your political views on different social issues fall.

Politics and Economic Issues

Cypherpunks With the birth of the overused buzzword "The Information Superhighway", concerns over privacy from evil governmental bad-guys{tm} has led to the formation of of an unofficial, loosely organized band of civil libertarians who spend much of their time discussing how to ensure privacy in the information future. This group is known by some as "cypherpunks" (by others, as anarchistic subversives). To this end, tell us how punkish you are.

PGP Pretty Good Privacy (aka PGP) is a program available on many platforms that will encrypt files so that prying eyes (particularly governmental) can't look at them.
Entertainment Geeks love to play. No matter their age, all geeks enjoy playing. Of course, the object of this entertainment takes a myriad of different forms. What is it that pushes a geek to play? Is it simply a desire to relive their childhood? Or perhaps there is a piece of geeky genetic code that requires intellectual stimulation. Who knows, maybe it's a Freudian thing...
Star Trek Most geeks have an undeniable love for the Star Trek television show (in any of its different incarnations). Because GEEK is often synonymous with TREKKIE (real geeks aren't so anal as to label themselves TREKKER), it is important that all geeks list their Trek rating.

Babylon 5 For many years, Sci-Fi geeks have wished for a television show that would overcome the limitations of Star Trek. For many, a show called Babylon 5 has met that demand, with a deep storyline, exciting characters and state-of-the-art computer generated effects.

X-Files The Fox Network's Friday evening show The X-Files has become the staple of Friday geekhood. Any show that has aliens, governmental conspiracies, aliens, psychic powers, aliens, and other weird stuff is, by definition, a geeky show.

Role Playing Role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons have long been a part of the traditional geek life. Because geeks often become so involved in their role-playing that they lose touch with reality, include one of the following role-playing codes.

Television Many geeks have lives that revolve around television.

Books In addition (or maybe on the other hand), many geeks have lives that revolve around books.

Dilbert Simply the geekiest comic strip in existence. for more information.

DOOM! There is a game out for the PCs and other computers called DOOM. It's a 3D virtual reality simulation where you race around and blow things away with large-caliber weaponry. This has led to a series of similar games such as the Star Wars themed Dark Forces. Tell us about your abilities with these 3D games. (yes, some of them aren't actually Doom. Cope!)

The Geek Code
Lifestyle Geeks, unlike the lower lifeforms known as nerds, have lives. They have things to do that are in the outside world. Of course, this is usually done with other geeks, but that's not the point. The point is,, that geeks are not necessarily the outcasts society often believes they are. The fact is that society isn't kool enough to be included in our activities.
Education All geeks have a varying amount of education.

Housing Tell us about your geeky home.

Relationships While many geeks are highly successful at having relationships, a good many more are not. Give us the gritty details.

Sex Geeks have traditionally had problems with sex (ie, they never have any). Because geeks are so wrapped up in their sexuality (or lack of sexuality for that matter), it is important that the geek be willing to quantify their sexual experiences.